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Laval Bar & Restaurant Guide

The Keg Steakhouse

3035 Boulevard Le Carrefour
Laval, QC H7T 1C8 Canada
(450) 681-4445
Look at that delicious steak... It can be yours if you visit The Keg Steakhouse + Bar! Their steaks are always cooked to perfection and the drinks that accompany them are beyond supurb. The ambience here is that of a classy feel, so this place is the place to go when you want to treat that special someone to a good night.

Le Balthazar Centropolis

195, Promenade Du Centropolis
Laval, QC H7T 1H8 Canada
(450) 682-2007
La Balthazar Centropolis is simply amazing for serving beers exclusively from Quebec breweries. Enjoy sitting back and tasting the different flavors of Quebec. They have very high ceilings which helps you to feel like you're in a more open space and the limited selection of food they offer, is still delicious!

Les 3 Brasseurs

2900 Avenue Pierre-Peladeau
Laval, QC H7T 3B3 Canada
(450) 988-4848
Les 3 Brasseurs is a fantastic microbrewery that serves top notch brews. They have some of the best tasting beer you will find in Laval. Their food is also top notch, and their Old-Fashioned Cassoulet is our personal favorite. Enjoy spending time with friends and family in their relaxed atmosphere.

Univers Ristorante Bar

3453 Boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest
Laval, QC H7T 1A2 Canada
(450) 680-1691
Univers Ristorante Bar is a fantastic casual place to visit for great food and generous alcoholic drinks. This place is quite high end, but is well worth the extra money to visit. They have a nice atmosphere that focuses on the people more than quiet. You'll find that their food is expertly prepared.

La Place Publique

443, boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest
Laval, QC H7M 1Y8 Canada
(450) 490-3977
La Place Publique is a family friendly place to visit for a delicious meal and supurb drinks. They feature many standard dishes in case you have troubles deciding upon what to eat. Their drinks are strong and beyond delicious. You'll find that their ambiance is a comfortable sort of eclectic.


380 Boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest
Laval, QC H7M 3Y8 Canada
(450) 668-8696
If you're looking to enjoy a filet mignon that rivals even the steaks in Paris, then look no further! Towne380 is spectacular in their service to you. They will describe every menu item in such detail that your mouth will be watering. The food, once it hits your mouth, will simply melt your tastebuds!